Ambiguous Agreement

I have this cousin (as I’m sure many of you have) who is a bit on the crazy side. He’s not crazy in a mentally ill kind of way, (although debatable) he is crazy in the he parties more than any normal human being should kind of way. The party starts at the break of dawn for him and ends whenever and wherever he happens to pass out.

Being that I am close with my family and that he is a people person, I am usually invited to get the crazy on with him. Generally I decline as my favourite late nights consist of a book, a cup of tea, my dog and me (my cool factor just exploded, I know). My world has been turned upside down though because I agreed to do something with him on Saturday. It involves a demolition derby, drinking before noon and some people I’m related to. That’s all I know.

Apparently someone is coming to pick me up at 11. There is a chance that this person might not show up and there is a chance this person does not yet know that he is supposed to be picking me up (and there is a chance this guy has a suspended driver’s license). Also, according to my cousin (which makes this questionable) you are allowed to submit cars for demolition and you are allowed to participate in the derby. So, my cousin says he is driving one of the demolition cars. This, in my opinion, is probably the worst idea ever.

I have a feeling this is going to be a disaster. Maybe not…but I can’t recall a time involving him that wasn’t somewhat disastrous, so…


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