I Write Poetry in My Sleep

I had another fantastic dream a couple of nights ago. I don’t remember many details, but I was lucky enough to wake up afterward to write some crazy things down.

The dream was weaving in and out of storylines, but I remember being in Uni and discovering that my friend M. was my twin. This discovery made my heart explode with joy and lead me to tell literally everyone in my dream the news. It also lead to the obvious idea of moving in together because we had so much catching up to do like play games, bake cookies and talk about how awesome it is that we are related. I’m not sure that he was as onboard with our twinness as I was because we got in a fight and he said he didn’t want to be my twin anymore, which I had to explain it wasn’t an option we are FAMILY. So, he moved out.

Later, I went back to the apartment just to reminisce. The new renter was supposed to have moved in, but I didn’t care. I walked in and the place was empty – so I thought. Turns out the renter was there just looking around the place. When she saw me, she was all nicey nice, but I knew it was just an act. I proceeded to leave but she followed me with her arm around my shoulder engaging in a fake conversation. I sensed trouble but there was nothing I could do. When we made it to the downstairs lobby she attacked me and out of nowhere came 3 or 4 other girls to back her up. I had to kick her ass karate kid style. I think I won, but I’m not sure. I made it out alive

Having made it through one hell of a year (or few months) I was ready to move on. I adopted a new tough persona and got a tattoo. This is what it said, “Axl Rose wrote the poor play to this generations new say.” WTF does that even mean? Some gangster-looking dude who was apparently a new (made up in dreamland) friend of mine asked me why I got it because it was so controversial. I told him it was how I was feeling and it represented that time in my life. (I.e. being badass apparently).  I immediately began to freak-out and regret the tattoo because of its controversy. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on that kind of responsibility, but realized it was too late and decided to own it – by chanting the verse to myself and gangster friend like I was Eminem.

That’s all I remember. I woke up and laughed a bit, then wrote down that verse. On a side note: I have NO IDEA what I have against Axl Rose or why I was dreaming about him. Like, none – seriously. As for my friend and I being twins, well we were actually roommates in Uni and I haven’t talked to him in a bit, but that’s a new one for me.


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