The Day I Had a Stroke (part 1)

It was the beginning of June and the start of fantastic weather, an indicator of what lied ahead for summer. I had had a great week hanging out with friends and finally being able to wear a dress. The weather here is usually unforgiving. Monday night came, I was doing what I usually do, chatting on the computer. I sent out three tweets as jokes, “I think I just ate myself into a diabetic.” (11:39pm), “I’m going through M&M withdrawal. Someone strap me to a bed.” (12:16am) and “My body hurts. I think my blood has been replaced by chocolate.” (1:04am). Not knowing then that what was most likely happening was that I was having a TIA. When I said that my body hurt, it did. I was in a lot of pain which lasted most of the night. The most alarming thing though was how my leg went numb. I brushed everything off and told myself that I would see a doctor in the morning if anything persisted. I could have never imagined what was about to happen.

I was feeling fine the next day and decided to swear off chocolate for awhile. My parents were both home for lunch and left. I still sitting at the kitchen table 20mins later and had an incredible headache. I can’t even legitimately call it a headache. I was sure something exploded inside my head. It was intense, like a shot gun, but then it went silent. My leg like the night before went numb. I called my mom at work asking her to come home. This time it wasn’t the same, I new that. Standing with the phone, my legs started to give out so I called the Ambulance and sat down.

It felt like hours before anyone arrived but eventually the EMS, paramedics and my mom were surrounding me. My leg at this point was lifeless. It looked broken in its placement. My arm too created a limp handshake. After too many questions, I was loaded into the Ambulance. Sometime later, the paramedic told me we were at the hospital; I passed out.


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