Childhood Home

It’s so strange looking around this house where only my parents now live, and realizing that in a few short days, I will never set foot inside it again. I grew up here. Spent 28 years of my life either living or visiting this house. I have seen it go through many renovations, major life moments happened to me here, the start of friendships and the loss, boyfriends, many family members who have lived with us over the years, animals, neighbours and more.

Now is the time to move forward and on to better things. My parents are moving out of town to be closer to my brother and me, so not only am I never going to see this house again I may never really come back to this town. I’m ready for the change. It’s good for my family, but the realization is also a bit strange.

This place has always felt like home no matter how long it has been since I visited. The address is simple and the phone number has never changed. I feel like it’s up to me to recreate that sense of home at my own place. But, my tiny apartment just doesn’t add the comfort that I know here. Hopefully one day I can change that.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Home

  1. I feel like this feeling will follow you until you move into your Forever Home. I also think that for our generation finding our forever home is a good bit down the way, mostly because they’re outrageously expensive and we are poor churchmouse millenials. We also don’t seem to want to pin ourselves down to any one particular place too early…

    Itchy feet, empty pockets, and no true home. That’s where we’re at.


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