View from the Top

All morning I was having panic attacks, so when we got to the CN Tower I chose to do everything but go to the top. C and I got the $35 tickets which allowed us to take in a 3D movie about surfing the Titian waves with the beautiful, nearly naked Kelly Slater and a motion video/ride about a sawmill that we had to wait extra long to enjoy. Once that was finished though, the only thing we had left to do was wait in line for the elevator. Watching people go up the tower from the outside is terrifying but actually going up it wasn’t scary at all – even looking through the glass floor. 1 minute later we were at the top.

The view of Toronto was spectacular; it was difficult to be scared. People looked like ants, tall buildings miniature and cars like toys. The landscape didn’t look real. I could have easily been in a playground if it wasn’t for the view. We walked around taking pictures at every angle. I got a pop that cost $3.75! Then we went down some stairs to the ‘glass floor’. Not as big as I thought it would be; it didn’t help that about 20 people were splayed across it while just as many were taking pictures. Eventually it was our turn. We took several amusing pictures then decided to go up to the Sky Pod. Apparently (I found this out once I got there) you can go even higher – Another 1000 ft. or so.

The elevator to the Sky Pod didn’t have any windows because it was in the middle of the tower, not the outside. I was okay with that because we were quite high. The Sky Pod is all windows and quite tiny. It feels much scarier up there than at the main level, I’m not sure why. We got to watch the sun set while we were up there. It was quite lovely. Eventually we seen what we wanted to see, went back to the main level for a bit to see the skyline at night. It started to get busy around dinner time so we said goodbye to the CN Tower and went for dinner down the street.


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