A Psychic Told Me That I Will Marry You

Yes, I believe in psychics because they are real and know things. Many years ago, my mother and her friends would visit a psychic named Doreen, a little French woman nearby where we lived. Each time she went, usually a year a part from each other, she’d come home and tell me things about our family. It always made me uncomfortable that this strange woman knew things about me that no one else did. She often told my mother about relationships my brother and I were having. Well… In high school I didn’t have any, but she said that I was very picky, refused to settle and was going to have a very rocky relationship history. – She wasn’t wrong.

Then, when I was 21 and in my first serious relationship, I decided to go see her myself. I brought my friend to tag along and get his own reading. I remember feeling so intimated. This woman was going to tell me things about myself that no one knows, then she is going to tell me what I can expect in the future. What if it sucks? She made sure to tell me, that my life is very much in flux and so it can be difficult to predict the future. Just because that’s the path I’m on, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The reading is more accurate within a year or two. That made sense. It was also a relief that if the future sucked, I can probably make changes to create a new path.

Doreen asked me to give her something that holds meaning to me or something I wear all the time. I gave her my silver necklace with a little tiny cross on it. She took a deck of playing cards out, asked me to shuffle them, then divide the deck in half using my left hand (closest to the heart) and make a wish (something practical) and at the end she would tell me if it will come true. She gathered the cards and began my reading.

She first talked about my past, my personality and my character. Getting to the essence of who I was, things that bothered me and those that drove me. She nailed it in such a way, that my closed off personality couldn’t deny her sorcery. She went on to talk about moments that would happen throughout the year for both me and friends of mine… Then she touched on my relationship. She told me it was going to end and when it did, it wasn’t going to be pretty. I would spend the next year trying to prove her wrong, even lying to myself about how happy I was in my emotionally abusive relationship. This was the first time I was ever truly in love and I was really hoping it was going to be the last. I figured, at 21 it had already taken this long, I couldn’t possibly do it again. But, several months later, I couldn’t continue to lie to myself. I knew I wanted better and I needed out… At least I had this mystery guy to wonder about?

She told me that the man I would most likely end up with, I would only meet in 3 years and we would meet through friends or work. Some kind of social setting. We would be acquaintances for several years before we ever started to date. At this point my heart dropped. As a hopeless romantic who wanted to be in love forever, so badly, the thought of having to wait several years was the most annoying thing that could happen. She went on to say he would be thin to medium build, nice dresser, brown hair, taller than me , around 5’10” (given the fact that she thought I was kinda tall at 5’4″, he could be 6’5″) and have good teeth. Doreen laughed at the last part. She didn’t know how to describe it, but she said there was something significant about his teeth. I thought maybe it was a translation issue since I’ve never been one to notice a person’s teeth and make a big deal of it. She went on to say he was going to be quiet natured but still outgoing, pleasant and gets along with everyone, doesn’t like to start shit. He takes relationships seriously and won’t be in one for the sake of being in one. With that said, he hasn’t really had a serious relationship in a long time, if at all. Oh, and his mother has a tendency to pick up after me.

I mean, she got really specific. I remember at the time, I was annoyed because I wasn’t into quiet guys. I was quiet and liked to be with people who were the opposite. I would later learn that it was really because I wanted to change that part of myself by being someone I wasn’t. Nowadays, I embrace my quietness and look forward to dating introverts. It’s so much better being yourself.

3 years would go by and many guys would come into my life. Many of whom I would be friends with and later date or hook up with. In the back of my head, I always wondered, “Is it you?” I have a type, so in some ways the physical description is vague. I can never be so certain. What I do know, is that I’ve run out of friends or aquaintances to date and several years is now going on 12. Where are you soulmate?

The rest of her predictions came true, from, me moving, my uncle passing away, my friend getting a new job and my boyfriend and I splitting up, so who’s to say she’s wrong? I hope she isn’t. It’s a nice little fantasy to have; knowing I won’t be alone for the rest of my life.

However, just because I went to see a psychic doesn’t mean I know how it all turns out. That’s the beauty of life, anything can happen.

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